━━━The reason why I became a guide

  • I adored the traditional town, Firenze, in Italy for its rich history and art. I thought about how blessed the tour guides in Firenze are. How joyful if I could talk about the glory of the Renaissance...but it was impossible! Next, I imagined becoming a tour-guide of an ancient Japanese town, Kyoto, though I don't live there. Eventually, I looked around where I live. Then, I found traditional small towns full of history and culture that I may share with visitors.

━━━My favorite places in Sekisei area

  • I recommend that you visit Ruins of Tsuwano Mountain Castle. You may enjoy hiking on an old stone path that warriors walked back and forth on, from the chair-lift station to the hilltop observatory. I am sure you will be impressed by the soaring old stone wall beside the path, and understand how the castle could defend itself for 100 days against the surrounding enemies.

━━━Message from Ree

  • Feel free to contact us at any time!You will be very happy to welcome you!