━━━The reason why I became a guide

  • Kyoto-born Zai has now lived in Tsuwano for nearly 20 years and knows its nearby areas well. She feels privileged to live in this small yet historical town with outstanding natural beauty and is keen to share her passion for the history and folklore of Tsuwano, Masuda and Yoshika with visitors.

━━━My favorite places in Sekisei area

  • Zai loves her morning strolls on the street of Tsuwano with her dog. Especially in autumn, the town is sunk under deep fog and looks so dreamy and mysterious.

━━━Message from Zai

  • Sekisei area has a lot to offer; culture, history, nature, food.... and above all, its people.  They are rather shy and usually not so expressive about themselves, but deep within lies great passion.  It is such a privilege to witness those moments when you meet them, and no guidebook can take you there.  So yes, I will guide you around our town, but I do wish to guide you to the locals' hearts and minds.