Masuda City Tourist Information Center
Masuda is well known for two Japanese gardens, which were designed by a famous Sumie (Indian ink painting) artist, Sesshu Toyo, in the 15th century. The Shimane Arts Center, which is covered with brown tiles and is located in the center of town, is also worth seeing. Becides those cultural spots, you can enjoy an outside hot spring by the Sea of Japan, and trekking along rushing streams in gorges and ravines.

Matcha Green Tea in Sesshu Japanese Garden at Manpukuji Temple

With your eyes and ears! ~Spirit of the Samurai During the Medieval Ages~

Manpukuji Temple
 25-33, Higashi-machi, Masuda, Shimane 698-0004

In Masuda there are two gardens that were designed by Sesshu, and one of those can be viewed at the Jishu-sect Buddhist Temple. Enjoy some Matcha green tea as you peacefully gaze upon the garden. Unwind and cast your mind on the spirit of the samurai during the Muromachi period. 

 500yen(400yen*)   Age16-18:300yen(200yen*)   
        (*per person for groups of 20 or more) 
Tea & Cake: 400yen   (1-week in advance reservation required for the tea & cake)
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Sesshu Garden in Ikoji Temple

Experience the Teachings of Zen

 4-29 Someba-cho, Masuda, Shimane 698-0004
 08:30-17:30 Note: close at 17:00 from Dec. to Feb.

Designed as a National Historic Site and Site of Scenic Beauty. Sesshu's Samurai-styled garden will take you away from ordinary life and into the heart of the samurai. In spring (end of March to middle of April), enjoy the blossoming sakura of the weeping cherry tree that grows up to 10m tall.

 500yen(400yen*)   Age16-18: 300yen(200yen*)
(*per person for groups of 20 or more)
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Let's enjoy 'KOTO' music! 

Try to play the traditional instrument!

 Someba-cho, Masuda, Shimane 698-0004
 90 min.

Enjoy KOTO performance, having Japanese tea, and then experience to play the KOTO. You must be pleased with Japanese culture.

 3,000yen per person, from 1 to max. 5 persons
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Iwami Kagura Training Hall

~All Backstage Pass to the Famous Iwami Kagura~

The use of magnificent colours and rhythmical melodies help recreate the world depicted in folklore, which create quite a spectacle. Come backstage and touch the magnificent costumes and various types of masks used in this dynamic show. It is important to understand the power and passion of the people who are behind the support of this form of local entertainment.

 1,000yen per person
 Minimum of 1 person
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Taste the Celebrations of the Masuda's

Tasting Reki Shoku! ~Historical Meal of the Medieval Ages~

 Manpukuji Temple, 25-33 Higashi-machi, Masuda, Shimane 698-0004

Sample a celebratory dish that was reproduced using the documents handed down the Masuda family for generations while appreciating the beautiful Sesshu garden. While the dish may look simple alot of time and effort were put into its making. Indulge in a dish filled with the ambiance of the Muromachi period through its use of seasonings. Come by to learn more about "reki shoku".

 2,000yen(1,900yen*) *per person for groups of 20 or more, Temple admission fee included.
 Max of 40, Minimum of15 persons

Araiso Onsen Araiso-kan

~Bask in the Beautiful Sunsets and the Sound of the Sea of Japan~

 Nishihirahara-cho, Masuda, Shimane, 699-3506

At Araiso-kan, which was built at the water's edge of the magnificent Sea of Japan, experience nature with all five of your senses. While gazing out of the rolling waves will heal the aches of travel and fill you with a sense of freedom to the world.

 600 yen (varies with season) for a day trip bathing (contact the hotel for lodging charges)
 11:00-14:00 for a day trip bathing 
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Hikimi-kyo Onsen Yasuragi-no-yu

~Enjoy the Overflowing Gushing Hot Water~

 i-713 Hikimi, Hikimi-cho, Masuda, Shimane 698-0211

This Onsen facility is surrounded by mountains, with a restaurant that serves local dishes. Customers with tatoos are welcome.
 617yen,  Ages 6-11: 200yen, Infant: Free, for a day trip bathing
(Contact the Yasuragi-no-yu for lodging charges)   
Cash Only
 11:00-21:00 for a day trip bathing
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