━━━The reason why I became a guide

  • When I was a teenager, I hated my rural hometown of Tsuwano and wanted to live in a big city like Tokyo. Eventually, I did just that. However after I lived abroad(6 countries) for 17 years I realized how value and beautiful my hometown is! I would like to show and share the worth and the beauty with visitors, especially the rich and precious nature in the Sekisei area.

━━━My favorite places in Sekisei area


    I love the area around my house the most. My home is located in a typical wooded area at the base of a mountain where in front of the house one of Japan’s clearest rivers, “Takastsu gawa” flows, and at the back of the house is a vegetable field and the mountains.


     Spring, summer, fall, and winter, I can very clearly feel the change of each season with the changes of the color of the mountain, as well as the fragrance of the season’s flowers, the season’s fruits in my garden and season’s birds and insects as well.


━━━Message from Kay


    • ・I will take you to one of the best shot point in this area.

    • ・I provide Kusakizome(dyeing with plants) experience event. Let’s make an unforgettable memory with us.

    • ・I accept Indonesian or Malaysian visitors.