━━━The reason why I became a guide

  • Keiko had worked in Singapore for six years before coming back to Masuda, her tranquil and heart-warming hometown adjacent to Tsuwano and Hagi.
    Through guiding she tries to give it back to the foreign tourists in Sekisei area, as she once received lots of warm hospitality during the stay abroad.


━━━My favorite places in Sekisei area

  • A garden in Manpukuji Temple where she can reflect herself under an aesthetic sense of the Medieval Ages. In somewhere of the garden one Chinese character had been hidden, by a Zen monk Sesshu renowned as an Indian ink painter. It's fun to go and find it out and have a traditional meal or a Matcha tea set available there.


 ━━━Message from Keiko

  • Why not come down to SEKISEI area if you're tired of traveling around major destinations in Japan.
    Let's find something special for you here, together!
    First, hope you’ll have an opportunity to dive into INAKA, a peaceful rural remote town, for your experience.